Rongai Workshop & Transport Limited have in place an active Environmental, Health & Safety Committee whose objective is to promote a safe and Healthy working environment in all areas of our operations, not just in our workplace but out on the road and within our customers premises. We strive to continually upgrade our standards by incorporating E. H. & S at development level as well as in our daily operations. We particularly focus on the following vital areas:-


  •  Regular Fire/Emergency procedure drills & training for key staff in fire prevention & fighting.
  •  Regular First Aid Training for First Aiders placed all sections of the Workplace.
  •  Encouraging a culture of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle by seeking environmental friendly solutions to disposal and control of all waste materials – including used lubricants & scrap tyres and for air emissions continually upgrading with new technology engines etc.
  •  Cleaner , safer & more efficient work flow within in Workshop Sections/areas of operation.
  •  Continuation & upgrading of our Comprehensive Workplace Programme for HIV/AIDS, Prevention of Discrimination in the workplace & Health Awareness Education for workers as well as the community around us.
  • Maintaining a policy of maximum safety for minimum accidents both in the workshop and out on the road through proper supervision, monitoring and evaluation procedures and safe work practice refreshers.
  •  Ensuring regular servicing and scheduled maintenance for our fleet and backup vehicles as well as maintaining a high level of technical expertise and skill amongst our managers and mechanics.
  •  An active in house driver & turnman training programme to promote defensive and economic driving skills to reduce road traffic accidents & assist with the government’s road safety campaign.

Thorough investigation of all accidents and near misses to determine cause to instigate effective, preventative measures and mitigate risk. Lessons learnt are used to enrich our training programmes, giving our drivers/workers a better understanding of how important safe work procedure and defensive driving skills are